Captains and managers, are you looking for new crew members now? With so many ways to find yacht crew, which one is the right one for you? We go through the good, the bad, and the ugly of each method:

Posting On Job Boards

  • The Good: Might seem quick and easy…what could go wrong?
  • The Bad: You have to post your email or phone number with the post, allowing for anybody to reach you at anytime. Not great for privacy!
  • The Ugly: This can lead to a lot of spamming and crew calling your personal number for weeks to come.

The solution? Crew Compass HIRE allows the quickness and easiness, but ditches the creepiness. Crew can only see your profile photo and first name. All job applications will come directly to you via the app, so they’ll never have access to your personal information.

Posting On Facebook

  • The Good: It’s quick, easy, and everyone seems to be on it!
  • The Bad: Anytime you post a job or respond on a FB group, you’re displaying your entire social media profile for them to see. You’re inviting potential crew into your social circle without wanting to.
  • The Ugly: This could make it difficult to separate your personal life from a professional appearance.

Crew Compass HIRE keeps your professional life separate from your personal one. When you post a job, prospective employees only see the job description, your profile photo, and first name. If you want complete anonymity, you can search the database and contact the crew directly!

Word of Mouth

  • The Good: Having that personal connection or a friend you trust give their stamp of approval on a new crew member is ideal.
  • The Bad: However, it’s often not the most effective manner under time constraints or if your connections are also quite busy.
  • The Ugly: Your friends can point you in the right direction, but can they find you a hire that you know is the right fit for you?

Are you into quickly searching a database of available crew right now? Crew Compass HIRE has crew members joining everyday. You can even filter by what you’re looking for, saving you hours of combing through CVs.

Crew Agents

  • The Good: Agencies are typically established and have industry expertise.
  • The Bad: $$$. This is the most expensive conventional method for finding crew. A traditional crew agency typically charges a “placement fee” of 75% to 100% of the crew member’s monthly salary for full-time placement, and 20% for temporary placement. Other agencies charge upwards of $350 per individual position with reference checks at $50/contact.
  • The Ugly: You could be wasting money with no payoff.

Why not try a solution that will be a little easier to stomach? Crew Compass HIRE is FREE to browse and post jobs anytime. However, premium features such as CV downloads and chat can be unlocked daily for $3. All new captains can try premium FREE for the first 24 hours. Compared to existing methods of finding crew, Crew Compass offers this service in real-time at a fraction of the cost.

Crew Compass

  • The Good: Crew Compass is quick, easy, professional, no to low cost.
  • The Bad: If you don’t have a phone, this could be complicated! Crew Compass is a mobile-only solution and does not have a desktop/web version.
  • The Ugly: If you haven’t downloaded it yet. Just kidding…

What are some experiences you had with other methods before you found Crew Compass?

Looking for help or last minute crew? Download Crew Compass HIRE and find someone within minutes!

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