Need yacht crew, but can’t deal with all of the admin? Crew Compass HIRE makes managing your job posts easy so you can find crew quickly and effectively. Know how to do these three things, and you’re good to go:

1. Managing Jobs

job postsAfter posting a yacht job, you can check who has applied all from one convenient app. Open your Crew Compass HIRE app, navigate from the main menu and select “JOB POSTS”. Tap to view all your job listings and to review crew profiles of yacht crew. The number listed in the red circle are the total applicants for the job.

2. Deleting Jobs

delete jobIf a job has been filled or is no longer needed to be filled, make sure to delete the posting. Although the app will automatically delete the job after 1 week of posting, manually deleting the job will stop new job applications for an outdated listing. To delete a job, go to the JOB POSTS section, find the job you want to delete, slide left to reveal “CLOSE JOB” in the red box, and tap to confirm. Easy!

3. Downloading CVs

downloadCVIf you find a crew member you think might be suited for the job, download their CV by tapping on “DOWNLOAD CV” from their profile view. If the feature is locked, you can unlock all premium features of the app for as little as $3/day

Find the right crew for you, today.

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