Finding a job on a yacht can be daunting, but we’ve got you covered! You’ve created your profile, uploaded your CV, and used all the ways to boost your yacht crew profile.  Now what? Now the fun part of applying for jobs! Search all open jobs and start applying for positions that fit your experience. (PRO TIP: Avoid these 5 common mistakes when applying for jobs)
If you’re lucky, you’ll receive a new message alert via the Crew Compass app! This means that a captain has reached out and messaged you. They can text you through the app at ANY TIME. So keep your phone handy, and check-in to avoid missing a message from your next yacht job. When an alert, like the icon below, appears, it means you have a new message to check!
Simply open the app and navigate to the chat tab to see who sent you the message. Respond promptly, because you never know what and who might become your next job and boss.
Happy messaging, yachties!
Ready to continue the job search? Download Crew Compass JOBS to get hired now.
Captains are you looking for help or last minute crew? Download Crew Compass HIRE and find someone within minutes!

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