As a yacht captain you receive so many CVs, and sorting through each one manually can seem like a daunting task. Luckily, our Crew Compass HIRE app helps to streamline the hiring process while keeping your information private and secure. You can use the Crew Compass HIRE app to post jobs for free and manage crew applications. If there are a lot of crew applying for jobs you’ve posted, let Crew Compass help you narrow down your choices. There are 3 simple things you can check to identify qualified crew:

verified badge edited

1. Verification Badge

Look for the “Verified” badge. This means that a Crew Compass Team Member has interviewed the candidate personally. We do not put the badge on the profile before the conversation takes place, vetting each candidate individually.

2. Crew Compass Notes

Sometimes, Crew Compass will add a note to a crew member’s profile. This note can be about how outstanding a crew member is. Or…not so outstanding. We take the time to personally call and speak to each person, so each note is methodical and personal.

3. Star Ratings & Reviews

Crew members have the option to add references to their profile. Captains and previous employers are privately asked to provide star ratings and a brief reason why they would or would not recommend them for future employment. These ratings and reviews are kept private from the crew members. As a captain, you’ll be able to read the reviews for each crew profile if available.

Take a look at these three things in order to find more qualified crew!

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