We can’t stress the importance of having a strong CV. One of the first things a captain or hiring manager will notice is your photo. The photo will establish the first impression on your Crew Compass JOBS profile, CV, or Facebook comment, and many captains eliminate the majority of candidates from your profile photo alone. Check out the slideshows below for some do’s and don’ts of profile photos:


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Some profile no-no’s are obvious, while others are a little harder to remember:

  • Make sure you aren’t covering your face in your photo
  • Make sure it’s not too dark or shadowy
  • Do NOT wear sunglasses
  • Make sure you’re looking straight at the camera
  • No action shots as main photo (can be used for supplementary photos)
  • No selfies (find a friend to take it)
  • Make sure it’s not overly corporate looking, as it will make you appear stiff


These two Crew Compass JOBS users have wonderful examples of a good profile/yacht CV photo. Here are some things to remember when taking yours:

  • Face the camera
  • Have a relaxed and genuine smile!
  • Professional attire that relates to the industry (i.e. Polo shirt)
  • Have the photo taken from chest up (not too close to the face)
  • Have a clear, focused shot with good lighting and minimal shadows

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