Yacht crew life comes with many perks: accommodation, networking, friends for life. Another one of these amazing perks is free meals on board. Freshly baked croissants! Butter poached lobster! A combination of treats, partying, lack of sleep and no time for exercise can wreak havoc on your health and weight. Here are a few tips on how to stay healthy while working on board:

Don’t Drink Your Calories

It’s no secret yachties like to drink. There’s nothing better than celebrating a successful charter with a night out at the bar with the crew. However, WHAT you choose to drink has an impact on weight gain. Instead of a sugary piña colada or fruity drink, go for something more like a vodka soda or a glass of wine. Also, limit the AMOUNT of alcohol consumed. It adds up! Check out the chart below.


The same goes for non-alcoholic drinks. Instead of reaching for a soda for your caffeine fix, opt for a cup of tea or coffee and limit the sugar. This will save you the extra calories that you may not even realize you’re putting in.


If you’re able to get off the boat, hit the gym or go for a run! This will not only boost your endorphins to improve your mood, but also help counteract any extra indulgences you’ve consumed. If you’re on charter, it’s still possible to exercise in a small space. Check out out yacht fitness blog post for more tips on how to improve your strength while on board.

Resist Temptation

The chef on board was hired because of their incredible culinary skills. They will feed you some incredible things. Pick and choose when to indulge. If you see something you have to taste? Try a bite or a sliver of it. Cookies or chocolates in the crew mess? Opt for something that will sustain you longer, like a banana, nuts or granola. Avoid boredom at all costs, because this can lead to snacking and overeating.

But sometimes…..you just gotta “treat yo’ self.” Tell us: What do you do to keep healthy on a yacht?


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