As a yacht stewardess, you will have to set the table for the guests for various meals and occasions. However, the way you set the table depends on the meal being served or how formal the service will be. Here are two helpful things to remember when setting a table on board:

Proper Placement

Image by Homesthetics

Keep in mind each yacht has its own preferred style of service, so consult with your senior or chief steward/ess and have her double check your work! Take note of how formal the meal will be, and if there are any other considerations to be made (theme nights, specialty food accessories, number of guests, size of the table, etc). Make sure you have the corresponding items in the right position on the table. Refer to the picture above for a guide to the various settings.

Get a Little Creative


Fold the napkins in a unique way. Create a floral arrangement to set the mood. If you’re working during a holiday, add a touch of it to the table. Match your creativity to the guests’ preferences. Check out our pinterest board for more inspiration!


How do you like to set table for guests on board?

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