Looking for a job on a yacht? When creating a yacht CV, consider what captains and hiring managers look for when reviewing yacht crew CVs. Probably the MOST important are having a great photo (90% of what gets you noticed!) and an easy to read CV format. However, beyond the initial look of the CV, there are 3 key things that captains look for in crew:

1. Yacht Experience

  • The first thing a captain will look for is relevant yachting experience. If you’re green, this might just be a few day working gigs. Try to accumulate as much quality experience as possible. Sometimes, this means getting on your hands and knees to scrub grimy corners. That’s okay, you need that experience. Try to learn things that contribute to the position you want (stewardess = interior; deckhand = exterior).

2. References (They Matter!)

  • Another thing captains look for are good, professional references. They want to hear about your yachting experience from your references and how you performed. Related experience (such as hospitality) is always a plus, especially if you’re green. Check out out blog post on why yacht references matter.

3. Qualifications & Certificates

  • Make sure you have all the certificates you need and that they are up to date. At minimum, you’ll need the STCW (yachting basics) and ENG1 (health check up). Some other certificates may apply depending on the position you’re going for.

Update your CV today to make these important changes!

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