When it comes to self-care, many yachties neglect to take care of their skin. Long hours of work with little rest, it’s easy to let skin care slip. However, according to self-proclaimed beauty junkie and yachtie, Sara from sezabeauty, suggests both women AND men on board yachts should be taking care of their skin:

Honestly, if you are on charter, you are lucky if you have time to brush your teeth, but we can’t have bad breath nor do we want to age prematurely, so we brush our teeth and wash our faces. Right? Spending a lot of time out in the sun is bad enough; not washing your face after a grimy day is just adding fuel to the flame. Luckily, a good maintenance routine is not hard.

These are your must haves:

  1. Mild cleanser (NOT CETAPHIL, please!). I recommend Pacifica Seafoam Cleanser, they are a great brand and cheap.
  2. A simple moisturizer will do, honestly whatever your preference, is fine. However, if you’re going to take the time to put something on though, might as well make it a good one, so use an anti-aging product especially something with Vitamin C to reverse the damage the sun does. Apply it morning and night.
  3. Lastly and most importantly, SUNSCREEN! It needs to have a minimum of SPF 30.

An awesome product that has been a lifesaver for me as an over-worked stew is Micellar Water. This gem is perfect for cleansing the face quickly and effectively for those late night stew shifts and you really can’t be bothered to take the day off. Just take a cotton swab, saturate it with micellar water and wipe your face. Easy-peesy!

Obviously anything additional you want to add to your routine is only going to help you, but these are your must-do basics that will help prevent your skin from going into total decline.  For (seriously) affordable and incredible quality skincare products (honestly, I’m sharing my best kept secret here, this company is a unicorn), try The Ordinary. The Ordinary line is unbelievably priced for the quality, giving us no excuse to not have good quality skincare.

Thanks for the tip! What’s in your daily skincare routine?

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