Remember when you were fresh-faced and ready to take on the world at the start of the yacht season? Yea, me neither. It’s been a long hard season, and we’re starting to notice some signs we’re almost at the finish line:

1. When waking up actually feels like this
struggle wake up

2. When you’re made up of 90% coffee, 10% dry shampoo/deodorant, and 0% will to live
 coffee good morning

3. When your captain informs you that there’s a boss trip after what was supposed to be your “last charter” of the season

4. When the smallest thing sets you off in a fit of rage…like not replacing the toilet roll when it runs out

5. When you fantasize about sleeping in till noon

 sleeping GIF

6. When you plan a million fun activities you’ll do when the season’s over…but also you


7. When you’ve only got one thing on your mind (besides sleep)
Image result for send nudes

Are you showing any symptoms of the end of the charter season? What gets you through?

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