Yacht crew often make the mistake of putting too much or non-relevant info on their yacht CVs (which we can totally help with). An interesting topic came up recently when we received a yacht CV that included their Myers-Briggs personality type. For those not in the know, Myers-Briggs (also known as MBTI) is a test that identifies each person’s specific preferences in the way we view our experiences, and these preferences affect our interests, needs, values, motivation, and decisions. In short, it’s a personality test that shows how we interact with the world and others – in this case, how we would interact with other crew. At first, we were a little confused – is this a new trend? Is this too much information for a yacht CV? However, after some thought and discussion among other yacht crew, perhaps we should consider using the personality types as a tool to help resolve tension among crew. The test could also aid in hiring new crew and how their personality could affect existing crew members. If you haven’t taken the test yet, click the image below to find out what type you are! (it takes a little over 10 minutes)

Yacht Crew Personality Test
What’s your MBTI type? Take the Test!

According to the Myers-Briggs personality test, we all fall within 16 personality types. As yachting is a unique working environment – where one’s coworkers are also roommates and social circle – perhaps the need for evaluating crew’s personality types are just as important as their qualifications. For example, having one crew member incredibly introverted and shy might not get along with their complete opposite personality type who is very loud and direct. One crew member makes decisions purely from an emotional standpoint, and the other from a logical perspective. Key differences in the way they make decisions, how they manage, and how they prefer to do their job could be revealed by looking at their MBTI personality type.

We’re not suggesting you go run off to include your MBTI type in your CV just yet, but it might be helpful to know more about your personality type and what kinds of people you do and don’t work well with. If you’re already working together, and there seems to be friction among crew, perhaps knowing each other’s personality types could give you insight into why they are the way they are. Some people are just fundamentally different, and that’s ok – but being able to identify this can at least ease some misunderstanding and bring a level of compassion among crew.

What do you think? Should crew be required to take this test? What’s your personality type? Tell us below!

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