While on board as a yacht stew, there’s a good chance you’ll be asked to prepare for some sort of event or celebration. However, there has to be a fine balance between making it fun and having it not be tacky. Crew Compass has a Pinterest board for fun and classy solutions. Here are some of the top theme party ideas:

Casino/Monte Carlo

Place your bets! This is a common theme for an all-adult charter. Put cards everywhere you can, have tables of games, and fun “Vegas-style” cocktails.


This is a common theme for a charter, and there are so many different ways you can decorate depending on the age of guests. For children and families, they might enjoy a bit more of the “Pirates of the Carribean” look, complete with a treasure hunt and fake gold coins. If you’re entertaining mostly adults, opt for simple pirate accents, bottles, and candles.


Another common charter theme. Pineapples are very trendy right now, so utilize those as you can. This is an easy theme to dress up and make fun, or be a little more relaxing.


Whether 20s, 60s, or 80s, you’ll be asked to prepare some sort of decade party at some point. Guests of all ages love this and there are many decades to choose from.

Holidays On Board

Keep in mind what your guests do and do not celebrate. Ignoring Hanukkah and skipping to Christmas for Jewish guests? Big no-no. Be sensitive to what they celebrate and prefer, to avoid offending anyone.

What are some of the craziest theme parties you’ve done on board? Tell us about it!

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