How does it work | Captain

How does it work?

Simply download the “Crew Compass HIRE – Find Yacht Crew” app for captains and hiring managers and create an account. Once logged-in, you are able to view all the available crew in your area in real time! Filter crew results based on position, experience, nationality, language, skills, and qualifications. You can also post a job and have qualifying crew apply directly in the app! Simply enter the job description, set the pay, the start date, location and a brief description. Manage all job posting and review applications via the app at any time 24/7!

How much will it cost?

It’s free to browse and post jobs on Crew Compass. However, premium features such as CV downloads and chat can be unlocked daily for $3. All new captains can try premium FREE for the first 24 hours. A traditional crew agency typically charges a “placement fee” of 75% to 100% of the crewmember’s monthly salary for full time placement, and 20% for temporary placement. Other agencies charge upwards of $350 per individual position with reference checks at $50/contact. Compared to existing methods of finding crew, Crew Compass offers this service in real-time at a fraction of the cost.


Why would I use Crew Compass if I can find crew without a fee?

You can absolutely still find crew the old-fashioned way: job boards, Facebook, dockwalkers, sifting through piles and piles of CVs, and calling workers who are not qualified or not available. Crew Compass will only show you active crew members, include when they last checked-in, current location, and star-ratings and reviews!

Do I have to be a captain to download the HIRE app?

Not at all. If you are a hiring manager – crew agent, captain, chief steward/ess, chief engineer, chef, house manager – you can download and use the app. Anyone who is looking to hire the best yacht crew can download the HIRE app.