What skills are useful to find a job on luxury yachts?

Depending on the yacht position you're after, it's always helpful to have certain skills that will give you the edge over other crew members vying for the same job. Even if you have the skillset and experience, it’s about being smart about how and where to look for yacht jobs. Also, if you’re seeking a … Continue reading What skills are useful to find a job on luxury yachts?

How To Get Your First Yacht Stewardess Job

Being a yacht stewardess can be a fun and rewarding job. However, it takes an intense amount of preparation, focus, and attention to detail. Does this sound like you? We consulted with our friends at Beluga Training on how to get your first yacht stewardess job: Certification To start, all crew including stewardesses need to acquire … Continue reading How To Get Your First Yacht Stewardess Job

Yacht Crew Salaries

Yacht crew salaries range based on crew experience, size of the yacht, and type of program (charter vs private). Here is a simplified break down of monthly salaries: 80-99 ft. 100-119 ft. 120-139 ft. 140-159 ft. 160-179 ft. 180 ft. + Captain $5,000 - $10,000 $7,500 - $12,000 $8,333 - $14,000 $10,000 - $16,000 $10,833 … Continue reading Yacht Crew Salaries

Yacht Crew Job Descriptions

For a yachting novice, the different crew positions can get quite confusing. The amount of crew on a yacht often depends on the size of the vessel and needs of the program. Below are some typical yacht crew job descriptions that are helpful to understand. The list below is certainly is not an exhaustive list … Continue reading Yacht Crew Job Descriptions

Yacht Jobs: Is bigger always better?

When it comes to working on yachts - is bigger (yacht, company, etc) always better when it comes to finding the right fit for you? So you've gotten daywork, built your CV, and starting to get job offers. Deciding between a large or small yacht is not as cut and dry as you'd think. Each … Continue reading Yacht Jobs: Is bigger always better?

How to find a job on a yacht

Here at Crew Compass, we're dedicated to helping the yachting industry streamline their hiring process (like our free on-demand yacht crew hiring apps). Whether you’re a professional looking to make a career jump or a recent college graduate in search of adventure, yachting could be a great opportunity for you. Why? With little or no … Continue reading How to find a job on a yacht