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Find your next yacht job in your pocket







Crew Compass for Dayworkers


Connect with Yacht Jobs

With Crew Compass, we easily connect you to captains and hiring managers actively looking in your area, in real-time


Easy Profile Build

Tap to select experience/skills, upload CV, portfolio, and references within minutes!


Instant Job Alerts

Never miss a new opportunity! Get notified anytime a captain posts relevant jobs


Check-in Anytime

Stay at the top of the crew list by logging in daily! Let captains know you’re actively looking

Crew App Video

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How does it work | Crew

How does it work?

Just download the “Crew Compass JOBS – Find Yacht Work” app and create an account. Once logged-in, complete a short survey of all your experience and skills (in an easy check-box format), upload your CV, and include photos of food or table settings. You can then search our list of posted jobs, and apply with one touch! You will also start to receive alerts for new jobs that match your profile. Check if your application has been reviewed by the captain and manage all jobs within the app.

How do I increase my chances of getting a job?

Crew Compass recommends checking-in daily to remain at the top of the list so captains know you’re available. Another way to boost your profile is to request references from previous captains and employers who will be able to provide star-ratings and reviews. Use the convenient in-app tool to add references and check when they’ve been completed!

What if I currently have a job but quietly looking?

You can always switch your app to “not available” using the toggle on the home screen to prevent your profile from showing up in the captain’s search results. You can still review job postings and apply to job listings directly in the app.

Why should I use Crew Compass JOBS?

We believe that we can connect crew with captains who are looking for crew any time of day, therefore giving you access to jobs you won’t be able to find the traditional way dockwalking, job posting sites, or Facebook. Our app is incredibly simple and easy to use, and with job status updates you’ll never be guessing if the job has been filled or reviewed by the captain!