Community Guidelines


While technology helps ensure the speed and dependability of our jobs, people matter most to the Crew Compass experience. And it’s a two-way street between our Dayworkers and Captains. We created these Dayworker and Captain Standards so that everyone on the job has a shared standard for respect, accountability, and common courtesy.


Crew Compass maintains a zero-tolerance policy regarding all forms of discrimination, harassment or abuse.


It is unacceptable to refuse to provide or accept services based on a person’s race, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, sex, marital status, gender identity, age or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal or state law. This type of behavior can result in permanent loss of access to the Crew Compass platform.

No inappropriate behavior

Captains and dayworkers expect each other to act appropriately and respect boundaries. It is disrespectful to make derogatory remarks about a person or group. Furthermore, commenting on appearance, asking overly personal questions and making unwanted physical contact are all considered inappropriate behaviors. Anyone who solicits or engages in sexual conduct while using the Crew Compass platform may lose future access to Crew Compass. We encourage you to be mindful of other users’ privacy and personal space. Violence of any kind will not be tolerated.

Human Kindness

Calm and clear communication is the most effective way to defuse any disagreement that may arise between you and another Crew Compass user. All captains and dayworkers expect to be treated with respect and courtesy by one another. This expectation extends to personal property as well. As a dayworker, it is your responsibility to treat your captain with respect and not intentionally damage or remove items from the yacht you are working.


The safety of captains and dayworkers on the Crew Compass platform is of utmost concern. In order to best protect everyone on the yacht, we require the following:

Compliance with the law

Illegal substances and open containers of alcohol are not permitted in dayworkers’ possession during work hours or at a place of work. This is against the law and a serious violation of Crew Compass’s policy. Furthermore, Crew Compass does not tolerate drug or alcohol use by dayworkers while using the Crew Compass app. If a captain believes a dayworker may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, please request that the dayworker end the job immediately and alert Crew Compass Support at

Crew Compass prohibits human trafficking of any kind, including the commercial sexual exploitation of children, while using our app. Anyone who engages in such activity may lose access to Crew Compass.

As a captain, it is your responsibility to ensure that the workspace is safe and dayworkers are equipped with all the necessary safely equipment to ensure they can carry out the jobs without harm to themselves or the boat. Intentionally disregarding dayworker’s safety or disrespecting the captain or yacht will cause you to lose access to the Crew Compass platform.

Following the rules

We require dayworkers to keep documents up to date to remain active. Captains, likewise, must maintain active payment information.

Captains are responsible for dayworkers working for them or anyone they request a job for. It is your responsibility to ensure everyone adheres to Crew Compass’s Community Guidelines.

Violations of this Community Guidelines could result in loss of your Crew Compass Account. Please report any violations to Crew Compass, we want to hear your feedback! Alert us and we’ll take action!


If at any time you feel that you are faced with a situation that requires immediate emergency attention, please call the emergency service number in your area. Once all parties are safe and the situation has been handled by the authorities, please then notify Crew Compass. We will assist and take appropriate action as needed, including cooperating with law enforcement.