Top 5 Dock Walking Tips for Yacht Crew

One of the many ways to get started in yachting is to find daywork through "dock walking", which is literally walking the docks and going from yacht to yacht with your CV in hand to get hired. It might sound crazy that in today's world, people can still find jobs by essentially going door to door...but … Continue reading Top 5 Dock Walking Tips for Yacht Crew

Yachtie Visas: B1/B2 VISA

If you're a foreign (non-American) yacht crew member traveling to the U.S., you'll need the correct visas in order to enter the country. Foreign yacht crew who follow the rules and have all the necessary paperwork shouldn't have a problem obtaining the B1/B2 visa. However, in recent years the process has become more stringent and … Continue reading Yachtie Visas: B1/B2 VISA

Crew Spotlight: George von Waltsleben, Yacht Chef

Crew Compass had a chance to chat with South African native, Chef George von Waltsleben about his experience in yachting. George dishes about the hardest and most rewarding parts of being a yacht chef, his favorite meal to prepare for guests, how he got his start, and some funny guest stories. Check out the interview below … Continue reading Crew Spotlight: George von Waltsleben, Yacht Chef

Yacht Crew Salaries

Yacht job salaries range based on crew experience, yacht crew position, size of the yacht, and type of program (charter vs private). Here is a simplified break down of monthly yacht crew salaries in USD: 80-99 ft. 100-119 ft. 120-139 ft. 140-159 ft. 160-179 ft. 180 ft. + Captain $6,000 - $12,000 $7,000 - $25,000 … Continue reading Yacht Crew Salaries

Yacht Crew Job Descriptions

For a yachting novice, the different crew positions can get quite confusing. The amount of crew on a yacht often depends on the size of the vessel and needs of the program. Below are some typical yacht crew job descriptions that are helpful to understand. The list below is certainly is not an exhaustive list … Continue reading Yacht Crew Job Descriptions

A Guide to the Yacht CV

New to the yachting industry or need a CV refresh? Here's a quick guide to building a great Yacht CV that will get you noticed! Most yachting CVs include the following components: BROWSE YACHT CV TEMPLATES 1. Headshot/Photo Your CV photo is what gets you noticed 100% of the time (for better or worse!) Wear … Continue reading A Guide to the Yacht CV

How to Find a Job on a Yacht

Here at Crew Compass, we're dedicated to helping crew find a job on a yacht and to making it easy with our free job apps! Whether you’re a professional looking to make a career jump or a recent college graduate in search of adventure, yachting could be a great opportunity for you. Why? With little … Continue reading How to Find a Job on a Yacht