Bartending 101: Common Terms and Drinks

As a yacht stewardess, you'll be asked to constantly make drinks. The various names and terminology can become very confusing, especially while you're having to remember other things. Here's a simple guide on the basics of bartending: Terminology On the rocks: with ice Neat: no ice With a twist: a twist of a small piece … Continue reading Bartending 101: Common Terms and Drinks

How To Get Yacht Stewardess Jobs

Stewardesses are in charge of the interior of the yacht. They are responsible for guest satisfaction, service, bartending and interior upkeep. Do you have amazing attention to detail and a desire to serve others? Find a job on a yacht as a yacht stewardess! Here are some other things you need to know to get started: What skills … Continue reading How To Get Yacht Stewardess Jobs

Table Setting Tips

As a yacht stewardess, you will have to set the table for the guests for various meals and occasions. However, the way you set the table depends on the meal being served or how formal the service will be. Here are two helpful things to remember when setting a table on board: Proper Placement Keep in … Continue reading Table Setting Tips